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Apr 2014 16

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Happy Earth Day from Proslat!! Environmentally friendly storage solutions for your Home & Beyond. Proudly made from 90% recycled material.

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The Wall Storage Solution You've Been Looking For

Looking for affordable and effective wall storage options for your closet, garage, storage space or workshop? If you're tired of replacing cheap shelving and rack units and can't justify the investment of overly-expensive custom storage, Proslat is the innovative solution you need. Proslat uses individual slats to create the perfect wall storage setup for any space and application.

How Does Proslat Work?

The benefits of the Proslat system start with incredibly easy installation. Each panel can be quickly installed directly on drywall or wall studs. If you've got a wall, you've got everything you need for complete wall storage! Each panel can be cut without any special blades and secured to the wall with your regular power drill. The finished product is a beautiful wall display, available in white or gray to match your existing walls and flooring tiles. While other large garage storage solutions need a full team or many hours to install, you'll have Proslat installed more quickly and precisely than any other systems. Garage and workshop renovation has never been easier!

Where is Proslat Used?

Our Proslat wall panels are made of heavy duty, high density PVC for unparalleled strength and durability. With a weight capacity of 75 pounds per linear foot, it's the perfect garage wall system to safely handle all of your hanging wall storage needs. Don't delay: organize garage tools, parts, hobby and camping equipment, and landscaping equipment quickly and easily with Proslat. Don't mess with expensive tool wall organizer or racking garage storage systems that end up being too small or too weak. Outside of the garage, Proslat is used anywhere people need flexible, functional wall storage that creates new possibilities for innovative organization.

Why Choose Proslat?

Proslat wall systems aren't just easy and effective: they're also environmentally-friendly (every panel is made from 90% recycled material) and versatile (our unique construction means panels won't warp or degrade in high temperate or high moisture environments). Browse our site and online catalogue to see more ways our storage solutions are transforming spaces.